AVM Glossary

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  • A property transfer that satisfies the conditions of a valid sale and meets all other technical criteria for inclusion in a ratio study sample. If a property has undergone significant changes in physical characteristics, use, or condition in the period between the assessment date and sale date, it would not technically qualify for use in ratio study.
  • Pertaining to the subjective nature of some variable of interest. For example, view, fire protection, quality, or site/location.
  • Something that can be appreciated but not objectively reduced to an unambiguous scale. For example, view is a qualitative variable.
  • A subjective classification of a structure by an appraiser, intended to describe materials used, workmanship, architectural attractiveness, functional design, and the like. Quality class, or its synonym "grade," is the key variable in most cost schedules.
  • Pertaining to the objective nature of some variable of interest, that is, something that can be measured or counted with little ambiguity. For example, number of bathrooms is a quantitative variable.
  • The values that divide a set of data into four equal parts when the data are arrayed in ascending order. The first quartile includes the lowest quarter of the data; the second quartile, the second lowest quarter, and so forth.
  • A transformation of two or more variables accomplished by dividing one by the other. For example, the length of a room is a quotient transformation of its area and its width. Like the multiplicative transformation, many useful quotient transformations are less intuitively obvious than the one in the example given.


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