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What Should You Order?

We’ve simplified the process and our pricing to make ordering more straightforward.

First, ask yourself, what do you want to accomplish?

Choose an AVM — or — Optimize multiple AVMs

Then, ask yourself: “Do I need help with regulatory compliance?”

If Your Need Is Select This Option

To Choose an AVM

Our “Basic Model Performance” Analysis
  • It will enable you to evaluate each AVM you specify in each geography.
  • You’ll know if there’s one AVM that’s tops everywhere or if different AVMs excel in different regions.
To Optimize a Group of AVMs
Our “Advanced Model Performance + MPT™”
  • It will provide a ranking of AVMs in each geography, price range and property type.
  • Most customers use this data to drive their AVM ordering through platforms that offer multiple AVMs
Consider Adding This…
To Achieve Regulatory Compliance (with AVM Testing)
Our Compliance Report
  • This comprehensive report details how the Basic Model Performance or the Advanced Model Performance + MPT™ satisfy the requirements for independent testing of AVMs (outlined in OCC 2010-42 & 2011-12).

For clients with their own Analytics Departments, we can skip the structured options above and simply provide you with all the benchmark-level raw data. Your team can do their own in-depth analysis. Reach out to us. We will customize a solution for your needs.