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What is it?

The AVMNews is a free monthly newsletter designed to educate AVM creators and users. It’s compiled monthly from publicly available sources and distributed in the middle of the following month.

  • Articles about AVMs
  • Technology changes and new developments that affect AVMs
  • Regulatory developments with implications for AVMs, their creators and their users
  • Research abstracts from scholarly journals with the latest research on AVM techniques and technology, such as Machine Learning, artificial intelligence, image assessment, hedonic tools, explainable AI, new data sets, etc. 
  • Webinars, job postings, press releases and other news.


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The AVMNews is intended to be a compilation of interesting and noteworthy articles, news items and press releases that are relevant to the AVM industry. The opinions and positions presented herein are those of the authors and are not necessarily shared by AVMetrics, its employees, principles or agents. Unless specifically stated otherwise within an article or advertisement, AVMetrics does not endorse any opinions, positions, products or services published in AVMNews.