Do You Need Accurate AVM Testing?

We’re experts in AVM testing and procedures. What can we help you with?

  • Satisfying independent testing requirements
  • Recommending AVMs
  • Building a “Model Preference Table®
  • Building a Cascade
  • Advising on how to use AVMs
  • Just Talking to someone about AVMs

How do we do it?

  • We gather every available benchmark in the country almost every week.
  • We ask every available AVM in the country to evaluate every benchmark nonstop throughout the year.
  • We compile that data and share with every AVM developer how their AVM is performing, providing invaluable, independent AVM testing for them.
  • We then can provide lenders, banks and other users of AVMs with any independent testing that they need, customized for just their counties and just the AVMs that they use. We’re also experts on AVM regulation and requirements. We can advise and consult on policies and procedures for AVM usage.

AVMetrics’ testing in 2022

  • We assemble about 400,000 benchmark records each month.
  • We test two dozen commercially available AVMs continuously.