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Part of the AVMetrics’ mission is to educate the world about AVMs and how to use them effectively in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Your free registration entitles you to access our entire educational series of longer, more in-depth whitepapers explaining the nuts and bolts of AVMs, cascades and related regulations.  Written by Lee Kennedy, industry expert, published author and contributor to AVMs: 101 and AVMs 201, AVM Academy provides a detailed review of AVMs from the user’s perspective.

Recent Articles

Glossary of AVM-related Terms

Term Definition (source) AAAVM (Appraiser Assisted AVM) An appraisal product where an appraiser guides the AVM program prior to the determination of value. The appraiser makes any selections, corrections, rankings, or adjustments to the data to be submitted to the AVM for valuation. (d) Absolute Value The value of a… Read more

The Proper Way to Select an AVM

After determining that a transaction or property is suitable for valuation by an Automated Valuation Model (AVM), the first decision one must make is “Which AVM to use?” There are many options – over 20 commercially available AVMs – significantly more than just a few years ago.  While cost and… Read more

AVMs Keep Getting Better, Craig Gilbert Noticed

For more than 12 years we’ve been testing AVMs and watching them improve over time. More model builders have developed better techniques, and with the falling cost of processing and storage, and with the improving availability of data, AVMs just continue to get better and better. We aren’t the only… Read more

2019 Testing Schedule Announced

AVMetics’ ongoing independent AVM testing continues in 2019 according to the attached schedule.  Please use the link below to download a pdf with the entire 2019 testing schedule. 2019 AVM Validation Testing Dates Read more

The Wild, Wild West of Automated Valuations

Recently the OCC, FDIC and the Federal Reserve proposed raising the de minimis threshold for residential properties below which appraisals are not required to complete a home loan. Currently, most homes transacting at $250K and above require an appraisal, but Federal regulators propose to raise that level to $400K. A… Read more

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AVMetrics hand-picks the best articles related to the development and use of AVMs, as well as articles about the companies and people involved in the field of AVMs around the world. Use this link to subscribe to the AVMNews for free. AVMetrics took over the publishing of the AVMNews in… Read more


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