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Part of the AVMetrics’ mission is to educate the world about AVMs and how to use them effectively in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Your free registration entitles you to access our entire educational series of longer, more in-depth whitepapers explaining the nuts and bolts of AVMs, cascades and related regulations.  Written by Lee Kennedy, industry expert, published author and contributor to AVMs: 101 and AVMs 201, AVM Academy provides a detailed review of AVMs from the user’s perspective.

Recent Articles

How AVMetrics Tests AVMs

Testing an AVM’s accuracy can actually be quite tricky.  It is easy to get an AVM estimate of value, and you can certainly accept that a fair sale on the open market is the benchmark against which to compare the AVM estimate, but that is really just the starting point. There are four keys to … Read more

2017 Test File Schedule

We are pleased to share our 2017 testing schedule for our ongoing independent AVM testing.  Please click the link below to download a pdf with the entire 2017 testing schedule. 2017 AVM Validation Testing Dates

AVMNews coming to AVMetrics

For the last 15 years, we have all been indebted to Perry Minas for running AVMNews.  He’s curated the AVM industry’s best articles and shared them via his email newsletter to hundreds of industry insiders.  This month Perry is retiring, and November 2016 will be his last issue of AVMNews – at least his last … Read more

Raising the De Minimis Threshold – Fear Not!

Background There is a lot of controversy about appraisals and Appraisers these days, and the FFIEC proposed rule change – increasing the de minimis threshold to $500,000 – allowing for an appraisal exemption and the use of an evaluation in lieu of an appraisal – has sparked anxiety in the world of collateral risk.  Our … Read more

Being Part of the CSUCI Community Means Being Active

Our local community is a team, together we effect the most positive of changes! Many thanks to all those who attended the CI Alumni & Friends Happy Hour at the Hangar event (Thursday, 6/16). We raised over $12,000 for student scholarships and it was a blast doing it. AVMetrics is proud to be major sponsor and … Read more

Same Scandal, New Perpetrator

It seems like only yesterday we were lamenting the hubris of Volkswagen, loading software into their TDI models to fake out emissions tests on tens of millions of vehicles.  Here we are again, this time with Mitsubishi.  The only real surprise is that these companies don’t learn. Hyundai in 2012, Ford in 2014, Volkswagen in … Read more


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